Copy just midi events to new parts, tracks, locations

A task I frequently need to do is to copy MIDI events from one track to another with different instrument, inserts or other params. All I want to copy is the midi events, nothing else. When I do this using cmd+C, cmd+V vs a selected part or drag-copy, the source and destination track become “joined/merged” in terms of selection and MIDI event viewing/editing, and a whole lot more comes for the ride besides MIDI events. After doing this, if I select one part, it selects both parts, and the MIDI list editor now displays events from both tracks, and I don’t know how to separate them beyond a time-wasting dissolve.

Similarly, I’d like to shift+select MIDI events from parts within the same time range from multiple tracks and copy and paste the MIDI events to a different time location. When I do this, the “joining/merging” described above happens; the destination parts are merged across tracks(!).

What’s the most efficient way to dupe just MIDI events to another track or time location? Thanks

I may not follow what your are saying, but, though I don’t use the event editor very much, I have copied MIDI from one part to another a number of times using the key editor and the parts remained distinct. The only time I have ever seen event from two different parts is when I had both selected when I started the editor.

You don’t say what version you’ve got, but if you have these midi tracks in a folder then perhaps you have Group Editing switched on? This is an icon on the folder track, or the K key by default on the keyboard.


Right on the money Mike, thanks.

It’s v7.5. In this project I added instruments to one folder track and midi to another. First clue was that a new midi track created outside a folder was unaffected.

Disabling group editing by toggling the folder’s “=” button did the trick.