Copy Loop after Freeze


Hope this question wasn’t a topic before but I didn’t find something similar by searching…

Can I copy/double a loop/object after freezing an instrument channel?

p.e. I want to CTRL-D a drum loop after freezing an instrument track.

It might be not such an important thing but I have it in my workflow from another DAW so I miss it in Cubase a lot…

Is it possible to unlock the frozen object for copying it?

Please don’t anwser you can unfreeze it and do it then :wink:

Thanks for reading,


You cannot do this, because the MIDI Part is locked, and the track is locked too.

From my point of view any edits (apart from mixing) should be forbidden while freeze. If you make a change, you would need to render the frozen file again. So it makes sense how it is in Cubase, to me.