Copy Lyrics track

Hi guys,
In the track view, it is possible to copy Midi or Audio track, but it is not possible to copy Lyrics track, as well as folder track.
In my project, I need to copy lyrics track to paste in other song.

Hi! You can.
I’m currently doing it right now.

For lyrics track use Copy icon in upper toolbar

With folder track there is a small thing: it does the copy but doing some reset to the track names (at least with DMX tracks), but does the copy as folder track job.

so my suggestion is to create FOLDER track for each and copy tracks to new song (use SHIFT key for multi select) and put them back to folder…

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Thank you @fkalmus , it works !

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So the issue is that it is not possible to right click on some tracks to copy/paste.

The option is there, do I miss something? But, you are correct, signature and tempo tracks have problems with copy/paste. That’s fixed now …

… some minutes later. Ah! Folder tracks do not work with a right click. We’ll fix it.


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Dear @Spork , if you dig there around, Could u check this also? :slight_smile:

(@magicguigui had the question because of LYRIC track, that I’m copying via toolbar but haven’t check latest versions if right click is working already)

Hi @Spork , @fkalmus ,

With the last version, Lyrics track also cannot have the right click option;

step by step. This one is fixed now and ready with the next version,

… thank you, fixed. next version,