Copy Macros

I’d like to know how to copy my macros I made in CBP 8.5 mac to CBP 8.5 Windows 10

Also I thought that when you saved a user profile, that your macros went with it, am I wrong ?

I want my settings on my mac, to be the same on my Windows machine


You can take the key commands xml from the Mac prefs folder and copy it to the equivalent Win folder.

Profile manager does claim it lets you take your settings to another computer but I have no idea if KC/Macros are included…I assume you tried it and it didn’t?
NB…you would presumably need to export/import rather than just saving as you said.

Yes I imported my user profile into my Win 10 machine,and the macos did not come with it.
So…I assume they don’t. but CBP is so feature rich. I defiantly could not be doing something correctly.


The profile manager is a fairly new feature…maybe KC got missed and they’ll include in a future release.