Copy midi controller settings to all slots?


I set up the Midi controllers using Midi learn exactly the way I wanted them in the first slot (under A1), and then pressed “save as default”. It saves perfectly for slot 1, but when I add any other instruments I get the factory default. Is there any way (via scripting or the UI) to propagate that Midi controller setup to all 64 slots?


Sorry not to have an answer, but I have a similar/related question - having created the same MIDI controller assignments for each slot (only three in my case!), is there a way to change the programs loaded into those slots without losing those assignments?
I can’t find a way to avoid having to map the same MIDI controller assignments to each program, in each multi, manually - which just seems ridiculous.
I’ve tried using the “save as default controller assignment” option, but the only default controller assignments it saves for me are CCs 1, 7, 10, 11, 16 and 17.