Copy MIDI Event in Key Editor with modifiers yields unexpected result

  1. Preferences → Editing → Tool Modifiers → Categories: Drag n Drop → Constraint Direction => set to (none)
  2. create midi track, create midi part, create a note event in that part
  3. In the Key Editor: switch on Snap (to grid)
  4. Alt-click the event and drag it elsewhere. Note the + sign added to the mouse cursor
  5. Now additionally hold down Ctrl/Cmd key; this should now allow event positioning independent of the grid; note that the + sign is still there
  6. Drop the note event

Expected result: Note event will be copied without snapped to grid
Actual result: Note event is moved but not copied


Can you also test for the result if you reverse the order of the modifiers?
4. Ctrl-click the event and drag it elsewhere.
2. While dragging, additionally hold down alt/opt key

Of course, Steve.
Same same.

How about you: Do you get a different result?

Here, in both cases things work correctly. I presume your modifier keys are set up differently?

Looks like this:

There is only the Size Tool which has a setting for “Disable Snap” but that has no effect in the Key Editor on notes.

This issue was brought to my attention by another Cubase user, I could merely reproduce it.
Strange that you get a different behaviour. Are you on version 12.0.52 on PC?

Here’s a little film of what happens on my system. Note the mouse cursor indicating that I am copying.