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I’m trying to get a handle on Cubase… so, I’ve got a simple drum track that I want to repeat multiple times, i.e. make selection and then paste it say 100 times. In Dorico, I can select something, copy it and then hit “R” to repeat it at the next bar, so I can easily make several copies and do this. I find it very difficult to do a similar thing in Cubase. It’s hard to get the cursor where I want it without typing in the location and hard to get the cursor to the location I want to paste, again without typing it. I have snap to grid on, but that doesn’t seem to affect the cursor. I currently have Version 12.0.52 and will update to the latest version (which I don’t think will effect this issue.)

You need the Cubase commands, Edit>Repeat and Edit-Duplicate in the Cubase Key Command Dialog.

You don’t say what window you’re working in, so here’s everything.


If I read the question correctly I anticipate the next question following steve’s advice.
To answer that next question I will link you here:

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Ok, I don’t quite see what you or Steve is saying. I think the repeat function will work, but it doesn’t repeat from Bar to Bar, rather some random starting point. How do you select a bar and how do you make it starting the repeat precisely on the next bar? Also, the repeated MIDI notes are all white and they don’t show up on the track? (Very frustrating)
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Repeat starts the first new note directly at the end of the last selected note.
In order to repeat a certain range (including pauses at the beginning and/or the end you have to use the Range Tool. Unfortunately the Range Tool is not available in the Key Editor, so you have to use the In-Place editor, where it works nicely.

Please search the manual for details on the In-Place editor.

Notes appear white if they are located outside of the part boundaries. Adjust the part boundaries to include all the notes you want to have played back.

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Select the MIDI part that you want to repeat in the project window. (Not the notes in the key editor, nor the diamonds in the Drum Editor)
Hit Ctrl+K
Choose 100 times for the count.
Tick Shared copies if you want changes to the original part to affect the rest hundred.


After working on this for awhile here’s what finally worked. I figured out that one of my problems is that I had my entro (typical 1,2,3,4) beat measure was tied to the drum measure I wanted as an event. I then had to figure out how to break that event apart by using the “Split” function in the tool bar. (Note, I already had set the grid type to “Bar”).
Once that was done (and looking at a YouTube video) I was then able to select the event (a which was a single 4/4 bar) and then using the Ctrl+K key combination I was able to make 100+ repeats.
So, thank you all for your help… the manual is not very clear on this (and if it is, it is not very easy to find).
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In Cubase, parts and events have the opposite meaning of what you use here. Forgive me, and please don’t get me wrong, I don’t take pleasure in correcting such details, but unfortunately the manual works best with the exact terms, and it sounds like you want to actually use it.

(A part contains events.)