Copy multiple voices to other voices or select only notes in a single voice

In score editor I want to copy voices 1 and 2 in one track to voices 5 and 6 on the lower staff of a polyphonic staff in another track.

First I tried “select all” then went to the target track and changed voice to voice 5 on the lower staff and “pasted”. However the notes do not appear in voice 5 as I had expected, they are just duplicated in voice 1 (and remain on the upper staff).

However, since the notes are still selected after pasting, I can then move them to voice 5 by selecting “move to voice 5”. The result is almost what I want.

However, notes that were in either voice 1 or 2 are now all in voice 5, whereas I wanted the notes that were in voice 2 to be in voice 6.

I tried to figure how to select only the notes in voice 1 (original track) so I could copy just those to the other track (and then move to voice5), and then I would do the same for voice 2 (then paste then move to voice 6). However I cannot figure out how to select only notes in voice 1, or any other single voice - it seems to be all voices or nothing. If I could do this I reckon that would do the trick. Any help selecting notes in only one voice, or solving the problem some other way, would be appreciated.

I have figured out a partial solution using the logical editor. Different voices on the stave are assigned to different midi channels. Care is required, however, as by default the numbers are not necessarily the same, for example below, voices 5 and 6 are on midi channels 3 and 4:
To copy a single voice, it can be selected using the logical editor, but you have to select the midi channel (I have not found a way to select by voice, though there may be one). For example if you set the logical editor like this:

You can select all notes in voice 1 which happens to equal midi channel 1. You need to beware that the numbers are not always the same, as shown in the previous image.

You can now copy and paste these.

I have not yet found a way to paste them into the correct voice (or channel). So far I can only paste them into midi channel 1, which happens to also be voice 1. However they can be moved easily enough once pasted.

So the problems that remain are:

  1. Is it possible to paste directly into a voice other than voice 1, and if so how?

  2. Is it possible to do multiple voices at once and still have them in separate voices after pasting, in once step? For example copy voices 1 and 2, and paste them into voices 5 and 6 in one go, rather than having to copy the voices separately?

Hi Steve, I’m not really sure what you’re getting at with those two quotes. Should it be possible to directly paste notes from one voice into another? Or do I have to copy them into the same voice, and then move them to the other voice (which is what I’ve been doing)?

I can certainly enter notes into active voices, that works no problem. However, I still can’t figure out how to paste notes into the active voice, unless the notes were copied from that voice already.

For example, if I highlight and copy these notes in the upper staff which are in voice 1:
I then go to the lower staff, with voice 5 activated:
and hit ‘paste’ I get this:
and those notes are not in voice 5 like I would expect, they are in voice 1, as you can see if I click on one of them:
Is that the expected behaviour? I would naively have expected the notes to be pasted into voice 5 if that is the active voice?

Sure, I can immediately move them over to voice 5. I am really just checking if that is the expected behaviour of the ‘paste’ function, and whether there is another way that I can paste directly into voice 5 without the extra step?

You cannot.
Copied notes keep their original voice(s).
After you paste the notes, just change their channel in Info Line to the corresponding voice. And process one voice at a time.

Okay thanks. Not ideal, but good to know it wasn’t user error for once!