Copy notes from one track to another

I’m an newb and very frustrated trying to do the simplest thing in CB 6.5 Artist- and I’ve checked the manual, forum
searched, my video tutorial, Youtube, the manual, a big book I’ve got, …
I want to copy some notes from a piano track to trumpet track. Period. I can lasso them in the piano
track, but for the life of me can’t figure out how to drag them to the trumpet track.
And could you please tell me where I would have found out how to do this in the manual, etc. for future
Thanks !


Hi Bob -

Duplicating the MIDI part by dragging it between tracks is one way.

Select the MIDI part that has the notes by single clicking it (in my system, the background of the part turns black). (If it’s too “big” (extending farther to the left/right than you want), you can cut it to a more manageable size by putting the cursor at the cut points after highlighting the track, and the doing an ALT-X at each cut point.)

Then click and hold on that part.

Then (while still holding), do a CTRL-ALT together, and keep everything pressed down.

Then drag the part from the piano track to the trumpet track.

Then let go of the CTRL-ALT.

(It’s maybe worth getting one of the track-ball mouses, so that there isn’t any inadvertent dragging of the piano track before you hit CTRL-ALT. If by chance it does move out of postion, just let go of everything, and then do a CTRL-Z, which is “Undo”, and watch it move back to where it started, then you can start over).

In the above, if instead of CTRL-ALT you did the exact same process but just with a CTRL, you would drag/move the the piano part to the trumpet track, instead of duplicating/copying it.

Page 73 and page 496 kind of talk about this, I don’t remember where it actually is, if at all!

But if you only want to copy some notes instead of a whole part you can do that too.

If you don’t already have a MIDI Part on your destination track, create one with the Pencil Tool. Open the MIDI Parts on both your source and destination tracks in separate Key Editor windows. In the source part select the notes you want and copy them using ctrl-C. Then go to your destination part and put the cursor wherever you want to insert your notes and paste them using ctrl-V.

You can actually do this by opening both parts in a single Key Editor window but extra care is needed to paste into the intended part. So to begin with it’s easier to open two instances of the Key Editor.

Thanks for adding that, raino.

That’s probably the better answer for most people; but for me, I try to keep manipulation of the source track at a minimum, as I tend to too easily find a way to change it inadvertently. So I leave it pretty much alone and just do all my work on the new version (in the case of the OP example, getting rid of all but the desired notes on the new part). For those who are less operator-error prone, my way isn’t necessary!

(PS - I think OP is MIA!)

Thanks all for helping the newb and taking the time !

Now if I could just find that mysterious Tempo Track Slider which does not seem to be
present in my Tempo Track or Inspector Tempo Track… grrrrrrrrr.

Thanks again !