Copy or Export Marker List?

Mahalo, Is there a way to copy the list of markers to the notepad or export the list to txt so I can forward it to bandmates? Thanks


You can export selected track (Marker track in your case) as a XML file. Maybe this woukd be an option for you.


The XML export works, however it is a pain to transform it into a simple cuelist in a table…

Pls make the marker list either able to be copied or an export into CSV or so, with the currently chosen time format. That would be fantastic.

Heya, fyi I did a “marker to cuesheet” script available for free here :

Just make sure to export using “linear mode”.

Cheers !

In Windows I use the snipping tool to capture images documenting all sorts of stuff - picture, million words, etc.

I assume there is a similar Mac tool.


On Mac there is native screenshot capture by OS. Cmd+Shift+3 for whole screens (all) or +4 dedicated window.