Copy outside text for lyrics

Hi. If I have a text already written outside Dorico (for example, on Word), how do I enter it as lyrics in Dorico without having to type it all again?
As a matter of comparison, in Finale I copy and paste the text on the lyrics window then I assign the syllables to the notes.

Copy the text to the clipboard, then paste it syllable by syllable:

Sorry, I don’t know what this clipboard is. Also, the old version had abc and V1 for lyrics and text, but I don’t see this in this new version. How do I work with lyrics here without using short keys?

Whenever one copies and pastes, the items copied reside temporarily on a (usually) invisible “clipboard.” Once one copies a (hyphenated) line of text, one can activate the Lyric Tool (SHIFT + L) and paste each syllable into the popover, which will jump to the next note after one pastes each syllable. One uses a hyphen or space to stretch a syllable over multiple notes of a melisma.

Thank you all. Just adding this video to the topic so it may become clearer to others:
Tip: Paste text as a line of lyrics – Dorico

One more thing regarding this subject. When you have all the melody written, this copy and paste method is very useful. However, very often when I am composing that’s not the case. So, I find it very helpful to be able to have the text written down in the software and then assign a specific lyric to a specific note in a specific voice or voices. Is there a way we can do this in Dorico, specially with mouse clicking? (I find that mouse clicking in Dorico is not developed enough).
Thank you.

No, there’s nothing like Finale’s lyric window in Dorico.