Copy Page Layout problems in Engrave mode


I just used the ‘Copy Page Layout’ when editing the default master pages.

Once used/clicked, is this irreversible? I wanted to copy it so far and then edit pages individually but it doesn’t’ seem I can do this?



Is it possible that you are confused about the use of Copy Layout? This is used to make the left and right pages of a master page identical, which ensures that no matter which page it lands on (depending on how the music gets casted off), the pages will be identical. Usually the page numbers for right hand pages are in the upper right corner, otherwise the pages are more commonly identical. If you want to make copies of Master Pages, then change them, you would add a new Master Page based on whichever current Master Page you want that is similar, then make changes as you see fit on the newly added Master Page. At the point where you want the new (different from the default) page to occur, you would need to invoke “Insert Master Page Change” (the LR icon in the upper left Pages section in Engrave Mode) and select the new version of the Master Page you create.

If I am on the right track in helping you, just a reminder that after creating the new Master Page, you would probably want to use the Copy Layout (found only when editing the Master Page) to ensure right and left pages are the same (and possibly move the page number to the outside edge for the right page).

If I am misunderstanding you, my apologies - only trying to help!

Thank you so much - to be honest I can’t quite work out what I’ve done - BUT, what you said gave me an idea and I’ve fixed it. Sorry not to be clearer! But many thanks! :slight_smile:

No problem. I still struggle a little when it comes to setting up Master Pages vs. overrides to master pages, etc. It can be a lot of details to deal with!