Copy part layout to another part?

I have identical C and Bb trumpet parts for a long, multimovement brass quintet. I’ve done the part layouts for the C parts, and I’d rather not go through all that again with the Bb parts when they’re identical.

Is there a way to transfer the part layout from the C trumpet 1 part to the Bb trumpet 1 part, and the same for the trumpet 2 parts?


If you are determined to use separate staves for Bb and C instruments, then copy/paste from one staff to the other and then transpose (if necessary) into the appropriate transposition.

(There another way to create parts for C instruments by simply entering the part as a transposing instrument and then, in a separate layout, show the part in concert instead of transposed, which would print the part in C.)

Not what I mean, Derrick. I’m talking about getting the page turns in the right places, etc. — the engraving stuff, not the content.

Or am I missing something?

No, not missing anything: I probably misunderstood your question.

OK, I’m looking at it again, Derrek. My apologies—I’m slow but educable.

I tried what you said, if I understand it correctly, and I got all the content transferred correctly, but not the page layout work I had done. These are the steps I followed (in a duplicate, test copy of the project, of course):

• Discarded all Bb parts from score and parts in the project.
• Changed the original C trumpet parts to Bb parts in the score.
• In the Players list (Setup Mode) I changed the instruments for both C players to Bb.
• From the dropdown list of scores/parts, chose what had been Tpt 1 in C and is now Tpt 1 in Bb
— As hoped, it showed the part as a transposed Bb part, with the layout that I had built (Engrave Mode) intact.
• Created two new Layouts (Setup), named them Trpts 1 and 2 in C, and attached them to the two Bb Players respectively.
• Opened the Layout Options for each of those and unticked “Transposing Layout”

The part names and all the content appeared correctly—C Tpts 1 and 2, in concert pitch—but none of the page layout work I had done on the original two parts (previously C, now Bb) came forward.

So did I misunderstand how to do it, or did you misunderstand what I was trying to accomplish?

Thank you for your apparently infinite patience.


There’s currently no way of copying part layout from one part to another. Thinking outside the box a little, you could:

  • Rename your file ScoreTransposing.dorico (or whatever)

  • Perform all layout and engraving you need to do in the transposing score.

  • Copy your file as ScoreConcert.dorico (or whatever)

  • Go into your trumpet parts in ScoreConcert.dorico, change the instrument names and set your part layouts to not transpose

  • Double-check that no manual tweaks have gone awry in the concert pitch parts, and correct anything that needs correcting

  • Print Bb parts from ScoreTransposing.dorico and C parts from ScoreConcert.dorico

Might be quicker and easier than doing all the layout work again, though of course it means that if you ever make changes in future you’ll have to make them twice.

Thanks, Leo. Once I had gone to the (slight) trouble of creating the duplicate file and changing the trumpet keys, I realized the work was already done, assuming no better answer came along.

So that’s the plan.

Is there a way to copy part layout now? I was sure I’d done this.

Just in case anyone finds this…

‘Propagate part formatting’ in Setup mode.

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