Copy/past/insert a portion of the "structure and tempo map" to other location in cubase 12

I have a symphony that have tempo changes and bars changing all the time (3/8 to 4/4, to 5/8, etc.)
And I want to make a loop of 19 bars in the symphony (from bar 20 to 39), with a different ending, which means that I will have to insert these 19 bars after bar#44.

Not knowing how to do that in Cubase, I just cut/copy these 19 bars at the correct place.

Problem : all the structure bars map is now incorrect, also the tempo structure map. As everything has been shifted 19 bars to the left, (after I insert 19 bars to the right after bar #44), and I don’t know how to modify the maps, copy/past this portion of 19 bars of the structure map and tempo map, to insert it after bar #44.

Maybe I should do the loop in a different way? but for this I need Cubase to jump from bar#39 to bar#44 after the first loop… And I don’t know how to do it?

If I ask for a loop, the loop will continue for ever… and if I stop it while playing after one loop, it will continue from bar #39 to bar#40 after the first loop, and I want it to jumpto bar#44, without changing all the structure and tempo map… Or find a solution to modify (copy/past/insert) a portion of the map in another place.

Thanks for the help.

Okay, I found the solution :slight_smile:
I just selected the portion of 19 bars → Edit → Range → Global copy → past time (on the correct position), and this will copy also the tempo and structure map, with all the changes of tempo and time.

I found this solution on this video : Quick Tips: Global Copy and Paste Time - quick changes to your arrangement in Cubase - YouTube