copy paste and grid relative

hi folks,

using 6.05 here. is there a way to copy and paste parts or events in the project window and keep their grid relative positions? i don’t seem to be able to do it and its been bugging me for a while. the pasted parts will always be snapped to the grid.



You can switch the Grid to the relative grid and use this, don’t you? For copying, you can use movie with Alt press. If you move the region from track to different track, and need to stay the region on exactly same place, press the Cmd/Ctrl (I hope, this one, I do this automatically) during the moving, and Alt pressing.


hi martin,

yes i’m familiar with those methods, and i use the grid relative setting all the time, but what i want to be able to do is copy and paste parts/events between different projects, where dragging won’t work, and perhaps sometimes also when the part is being copied way to the other end of the project and dragging is a pain, or there’s multiple intricate parts, that sort of thing. doesn’t seem to be able to do this as far s i can see. copy and paste a part will always snap to grid (if snap enabled), and not to grid relative, even if grid relative is selected…


In case of events you could make parts of them and pull the front end to a grid position. Or use the snap point ® in the sample editor.

Wanting to copy more parts to another project while keeping the inner relations intact: dissolve the parts to events and create a new part of all of them together. Using different colors for associated events and you can re-part the new meta-part to its original contents in no time (if needed).

Paste at Origin.