Copy-paste barlines?

I just set a piece in open meter, but with bar lines scattered around for clarity - meaning I had to manually input quite a large number of bar lines. I created the first and tried to copy it, so that I could insert the rest as easily as possible. But it didn’t work, as I apparently couldn’t copy the bar line (or at least insert it). Is this expected behavior?

It is the expected behaviour, at least for now. You can insert new barlines either by typing Shift+B and then typing e.g. | into the popover for a normal barline, or you can select the note before which you want the barline to be inserted and click the appropriate button in the Bars and Barlines panel, but you can’t copy and paste them.

If anyone should be interested, I realized that I can record a macro inputting a barline, then run last script to insert more. Since I have a shortcut for Run Last Script, it takes only one keystroke from now on. This function is very nice for repetitive actions, the best part being that the programming part consists of actually doing the task once. Couldn’t be bore intuitive.

I am working on a hymn boik with open meter and I have added manually barlines at the end of each system. When I have finished one verse, how do I repeat that verse with the barlines and layout for other verses?

You should find that if you select the bars of music and then add the time signature signposts to the selection with Ctrl+click, you can copy and paste the whole thing successfully.

Yes, that works!
Thank you Daniel

I copied a rehearsal mark with the double barline below the rehearsal mark, then selected another barline and pasted them.
However, only the rehearsal mark is pasted.

I feel this is odd. Is there any plan to change this behaviour?
I think selecting a bar and pasting the copied barline is a very intuitive method from the user’s perspective.

Is creating a double barline so very difficult or time consuming? IMO Dorico’s automation should (at least at the start) concentrate on big things that affect a lot of people.

With a program as feature-laden as Dorico, I don’t expect every option to be inherently obvious. I am willing to read the manuals and revision histories (and virtually every post on this forum) to try to learn to use Dorico as flexibly as I can.

Creating a double barline is not time-consuming.
However, would it be more efficient and time-saving if we can paste a rehearsal number and double barline simultaneously?
Of course, not all scores have double bar lines under rehearsal marks, I know…

Moreover, I know that this is a minor thing.

I don’t understand how copying and pasting a rehearsal mark is quicker than creating a new one, by selecting a note and pressing shift-A.

But YMMV of course.

…especially since they’re sequential anyways, so it’s not even copying, strictly speaking.

I suspect that the reason you can’t copy a barline is that EVERY barline in Dorico is a time signature. It would thus be very easy to accidentally change the time signature if you copied a barline from a 3/4 section to midway through a 4/4 section.

I don’t think this has ever come up before, so I’m not quoting anyone from the team - this is just my hunch.

Can you elaborate on that?

It’s not quite true to say that every barline is a time signature, but every barline is brought into existence by the previous time signature. Every special barline is a time signature, though.

Casually I was trying to copy and paste several barlines when this post appeared… I wanted to create a score with all barlines of the “tick” type, but I couldn’t create several of them at the same time. If I select several barlines and I click on the tick-barline button, it only changes the first one.
The only way I have found to add several tick barlines fast, is to select one measure that has a tick barline and duplicate with “R” shortcut. Once I have several bars, I can select all of them and use again the “r” to create still faster.
This method is not possible when selecting “hide bar rests” in the layout options (if you select a whole empty measure and you click “r”, nothing is copied).
Anyway, it would be great to be able to change several bars just clicking the bar type button! I also think that it should be a good idea that when you insert a new bar (or several of them), that they took the bar type from the selected bar. I makes more sense that if all bars are ticked, the new bar probably should be ticked.