Copy-paste between staves creates new instances of Noteperformer

New problem here that I haven’t had in previous projects:

I started a project in Dorico 4, but did most of it in 5. Set up a number of VSTs for playback. None of them are Noteperformer (although that is my default)

Just noticed that I had a huge number of Noteperformer instances in the VST list, not assigned to tracks, but slowing everything down. I deleted them, but figured out why they are appearing:

Every time I copy-paste music between instruments (or voices?) new Noteperformer instances are created! Even though playback is happening through the appropriate VST. I’m deleting them as they show up, but it’s strange and frustrating because Dorico hangs for a while every time it creates a new Noteperformer.

Is something wrong with my playback template? Is it something to do with how I set up the Organ playback?

Diagnostics file attached in case anyone has time to look at it.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Dorico (1.1 MB)

If one adds instruments, one needs to reapply the NP Playback Template; it doesn’t expand on its own–never has.

In this case I’m not adding instruments - and yet new VST instances of NP are showing up. This is why I’m confused.

I assume you’re using your own playback template, rather than one of the factory-supplied ones?

I believe so, but I hadn’t worked on this piece for a while until now.

Dumb question: how can we look up what playback template is currently employed?

Play > Playback Template …

Play > Playback Template …

This is where to apply a playback template. But does it show which template was last applied?

OK this just got stranger. I checked that my custom playback template had everything it needs. Clicked “apply and close”… and now there are no VSTs in the project. What the?!

I exported the Playback Template to share here but it’s 20Mb compressed. Is that unusual?

Additional weirdness: Dorico will add a new Noteperformer instance in the VST list after I copy-paste text only!

I’d definitely be curious to see your playback template. Can you upload it to a cloud storage location, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, et al, and share a link here?