Copy Paste Bug

Something weird is happening in my N 5.5.3 project. My copy and paste functions stops working after a while. Even if I highlight a part and select the copy option under the edit menu, it does nothing.
In order to get copy and paste to work again, I have to quit 5.5.3, open and close the project in N 5.1.1 and only then will copy and paste work again in 5.5.3.

I have backed up the project to a different hard drive, renamed it and reloaded my prefs and key commands in Nuendo but to no joy. After a while the same thing happens again.
Even with a new session I get the same result.

Im working in Win 7 32bit. The project is a 1 hour wildlife doccy with ±70 tracks, some eq and waves compressor plugs.

Any ideas?


You might run out of ram with those demanding specs…
Can you try to open the project in a 64 bit environment?


Hi Ollie
Ill give it a go but I don’t think my ram is causing this. Before this doccy we did a 90min feature where the track count sometimes went up to 130 tracks ( before we neatened things up a bit) and it never gave a problem.
This glitch only started after I upgraded to 5.5.3

What windows/plugins are open?
Always on top active?
Try closing some.
I have seen this as well and I think it’s related to always on top.