Copy -> Paste commands not working for a Range ? (SOLVED)

Hi to all !

Maybe a basic question:

  • I make a Range with Range Tool.
  • I then use the keycommand “Copy”
  • I then put Project Cursor somewhere in Project
  • I then use keycommand “Paste”
    Outcome: The Range isn’t copy-pasted to Project Cursor.
    Expected Behaviour: The Range is copy-pasted to Project Cursor.

Is it by design that the commands “Copy” and “Paste” don’t work on a Range, but only on selected Objects ?

Turns out that i first have to select the Select Tool, before using the keycommand “Paste”

Thank you for letting us know the solution! I’ve had the same problem, so it’s great to know how you solved it.

Hi Simone, you are welcome !
TBH: I find it abit odd and illogical that you first have to select the Select Tool for the Copy & Paste Commands to work.
Clumsy workflow …aah well … :wink: