Copy/Paste Condensing Changes only works in Write mode?

EDIT: See post further down…

I tend to only turn on Condensing once all the notes are in.

But for vocal parts, it’s easier to use divisi/unison than Condensing.

Hi Ben, sorry I should said: the notes are all in already and I’m at the engraving stage. On second reading of my post I’m not being at all clear: what I meant was that some sections need to be condensed and some don’t. I didn’t mean I was switching the condensing mode on and off from the menu.

For the vocal score the client is asking specifically to have all the parts on their own staff. Am I right in thinking that I wouldn’t be able to then use divisi/unison in this case?

Ah. Sorry - you want to copy the Condensing Changes. Yes, you can Alt-click Signposts to copy them.

EDIT: Oh right, the Full score is Condensed but the Vocal score is full.

Yes that’s right, full score is condensed (in places) but vocal score is never condensed

I tried Alt-clicking but doesn’t seem to work with that signpost (or with system/frame breaks either apparently)

Should do: are you in Write mode or Engrave mode? (Try the other one!)

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You little beauty!!! I owe you at least 2 pints for the amount of time that’ll save me. Thanks so much.

So it seems like copying and pasting system/frame breaks also works in Write mode, but not Engrave. This seems a little contradictory as you can only create a condensing change (and system/frame break) in Engrave mode. Have amended the topic title to reflect this.