Copy Paste Cue Notes

I have a project with Big Band and Orchestra and it would be very helpful to copy-paste Cue Notes from the Big Band Score into the Orchestra Score…is there a possibility to do that?

I guess it’s a stupid question cause Cues are dynamic - so there is no way to copy-paste them

What you can copy-paste are the cue signposts — meaning you can very quickly give the same cue to different players very fast (alt-click or copy-to-staff-below/above).

If you mean you also want to see cues in your orchestra score in the exact same places as they appear in your big band score, just turn on cues in that layout?

By default, cues are hidden in score layouts.

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no, thats not what i mean
For example: I have a singer in The Big Band score/file, but not in the Orchestra score/file (2 different Dorico Files).

I make a ‘reduced’ piano stave within the Orchestra score to show cues of the Big Band score. So I’d like to copy-paste the vocal part of the Big Band score as cue notes into my reduced piano stave in the orchestra score.

But all fine. I just copy-paste the normal vocal notes of the Big Band score and reduce the size of the noteheads within the Orchestra score…:smile: an easy one

Are these two entirely separate pieces of music, or are the two projects “alternative versions” of the same piece of music? If the latter, you could have them all in one project, with dynamic cues, but only show some players in the Big Band layout and other players in the Orchestra layout – they can even have no player overlap at all, and display entirely different players.

…it’s the same piece of music…ahhh yes…so I can make all in the same project and just make 2 different ‘Full Score’ conductor layouts for the 2 conductors…
Never thought about that.
Thanx Lillie…

Exactly, in Dorico you’re not limited to one score per project, and indeed you can have players in the project who never appear in any of the full scores at all – e.g. in a work for orchestra and choir, you might have a piano reduction player that only appears in the vocal score for the choirs to use when rehearsing, and not in the full, orchestral score.


Thanx Lillie,

yes, very easy with the Layouts in ‘Setup’-Mode…just my computer has to manage 40 instruments :slight_smile:

Little Bug?
When I’m in Page view in my Score 1 and i change to Score 2 → I stay in page view
When I change back from Score 2 to Score 1, Dorico changes automatically to galley view

IMHO this is a little bug…

Now i know what u meant Marc - it works perfectly…thanx a lot :slight_smile:

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