copy paste event issue

OK, am I an idiot or what? Please let me know what I’m missing here - if anything. This is something that’s been f*cking me up for YEARS.

I select an audio event and hit CNTRL+C to copy, and hit CNTRL+V to paste onto another spot in the project, but I inadvertently have a channel edit window open as I hit CNTRL+C, and Nuendo copies the plugin insert settings from the channel edit window INSTEAD OF the audio event, and pastes the channel settings back into the plugin slots instead of copying and pasting the audio clip I’ve selected.

This isn’t always a big problem, as Nuendo will often simply replace the existing plugins with the identical setting, but sometimes this will simply delete the channel settings - all plugins just disappear - and occasionally it’ll freeze the program and I have to force Nuendo to close. Both of these outcomes are real bummers.

The problem is this - since my channel edit windows are set to AOT, whenever I perform a copy or paste command, Nuendo behaves by copying or pasting the channel setting of the open channel edit window, even if I have selected an audio part for the copy/paste command. The AOT channel edit window just hogs the action.

This is a real PITA because I have to diligently make sure all channel edit windows are securely closed or obscured before I try to do any editing on the project screen lest I end up inadvertently blowing away my precious channel settings - or freezing and crashing the program.

I would love to see Nuendo behave differently - if an audio event is selected, then Nuendo should copy IT instead of whatever channel edit window is open. I use a dual screen setup, and I often leave channel edit windows open on the right screen as I edit on the project screen on the left.

If the channel edit window is obscured by, say, a plugin window or the transport button or anything else, then Nuendo’s focus goes to the selected audio event. But if the channel edit window is on top of whatever other windows are open, then Nuendo puts the focus on it despite the fact that audio events are selected.

Is there any way I can change this behavior in my preferences?

I need to keep my channel edit windows and plugin windows AOT the way I’ve got my two screens set up. Nuendo is maximized in the left screen, and the right screen has the floating AOT mixer, channel edit windows, etc.

This problem has been nagging me forever, or at least as long as I’ve been using two screens with Nuendo & Cubase!

+1 for a fix


Only one response to this thread? Isn’t there anyone else who’s experienced this?


I’ve been using Nuendo since 1.5 and I thought I was delusional that it worked with the channel edit window open before. Good to know I’m not the only one frustrated with this.

It definitely slows down my workflow!

The guy I’m collaborating with ran across this flaw inadvertently yesterday. He’s a bit of a newbie with Nuendo, and was trying to copy and paste an audio clip when he wiped out the inserts for the main vocal channel pasting a clip on the left monitor while a channel edit window was open on the right.

Had to explain to him the ins and outs of this little trap!


One thing that would help would be to allow Nuendo to keep a history of insert events, so inadvertent deletion of plugins could be undone.

Either that or fix the thing so that when a clip is selected, focus shifts from open channel edit windows to that selected clip.

Or at least undo history for the mixer, incl. inserts, fader movements and so on… Reaper has got it :imp:
The copy paste happened to me 1000 times…

Yeah - a separate mixer history would be useful, for sure, and not just as a fix for the copy-paste issue.