Copy/Paste event question

Dear group

Is there a way to put the cursor-line anywhere in an event and copy the event while it remembers where the cursor-line was in that event?

So let’s say, we have an event of a car passing by and I need to copy the event on the loudest part:

at the ‘|’


(where ‘|’ = the loudest part)

A) I put the cursor on the ‘|’ (the loudest part of the event).
B) COPY the event.
C) then go with the cursor to a different position in the project (another car passing)
D) then I PASTE the event.

What I am looking for it that the event is now again PASTED with the cursor-line on the ‘|’.
And not with the cursor-line on the tail or start of the event.

Hope the question is clear enough :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


Easy. You want to plant a marker* on the clip at the “|”, turn on ‘snap to’ and ‘magnetic cursor’, and then paste or move. Only time there’s a problem is if the front of the clip would end up earlier than the start of the timeline.

*-Check the docs, or maybe someone who’s in front of Nuendo right now can respond. I think the function is called ‘hit point’ now. But I’ve been using it since N3, and it’s still there. (I set a key command to plant the marker on the clip, and vaguely recall having to change its name when I went to N5.5.)

The procedure is to move the Sync point of the event to the desired place. (Done in the Sample Editor)
Then when using “snap to cursor” the event will snap to the sync point. (Which is by default the start of the event)

Don’t know which are the default Key Commands, but it’s a good idea to investigate the workflow.


You don’t have to do it in the sample editor, which would be a waste of time in this case. Whatever the command is called, there’s a way to do it on a selected clip on the timeline. That often makes more sense for sfx and particularly music cues, where you can often mark a barline more accurately at speed than while scrubbing.

Audio/ Snap Point to Cursor

Thank you Rustami. Yes, that’s what they call it now. It works whenever the cursor is within the selected clip on the timeline; you don’t have to be in the sample editor.

I set a key shortcut (CTL-j) to activate it. Easy to remember, since j is the default key to turn snapping on and off.

Just remember to set the snap point to magnetic cursor rather than a musical value.

No problem… I do not use magnetic cursor for that. When you PASTE, it pastes event at snap point.

Yeah, I know about the Key Commands, but if you just mention key commands, and the person has changed his/her set of key comamnds, they still don’t have a clue what they are doing wrong.
That’s why I explained the workflow behind it, the long way round.


Hi guys,

Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for.

All the best.