Copy/Paste into new key

I’ve got a section (with chord symbols) that’s identical to a section in the modulated key a few bars down the line.
When I copied the earlier section into the new key, I had hoped Dorico would have automatically transposed the notes and chord symbols into the arriving key (Finale does this).
How do I set this up to happen in Dorico?

You can’t. But after you paste, Alt-Shift-up arrow to transpose the selection.

True. That ain’t so bad.

Except the chord symbols don’t change along with the notes. :frowning:
So I need to rewrite the chords in the modulated key–big time waster.

Being able to modulate chord symbols (perhaps using the same “option/alt + up/down arrow” method) would be an excellent feature for Dorico to adopt in a forthcoming version.

There’s a Transpose dialog on the Write menu. It’ll happily transpose chord symbols as long as they’re in your initial selection (which they will be if you use the System Track).

Here’s another question. So I have modulated everything by half-step to the new key (G to Ab). But by default, I got key of G# for all the chords. According to the manual, I could change each individual chord using the pop-over method. But, again: huge time-waster.
Any quick and dirty way to change all my chord symbols in this entire section from sharps to enharmonic flat key?

Did you modulate by an augmented unison, or by a minor 2nd?

I finally figured out to use the calculator box on the right and I just typed in: modulate from G to Ab.
And Dorico did the rest, including modulating the chord symbols correctly.
So now I know how.
But I still think it would be much easier to set a new key signature, then let Dorico “be smart” and do the rest at that point (as far as automatically transposing a previously written section copy/pasted into the new key). The option for Dorico to do this automatically could be cancelled if someone didn’t want that, but 99% of the time, that’s what an arranger/composer wants to have happen, so…