copy-paste into percussion staff question


I exported an xml from Finale and I have this little problem.
pict A is an example of what I get when I open the xml file in Dorico

Now, Once I made sure everything is right in this document, I use it to copy data and then paste it into the new Dorico score I do from this material.
When I paste into percussion staff I get duplicated notes (pic B)

I can’t find what is the cause of this.
If anybody can give me a hand on this one, I would be very grateful…

if I copy paste bar by bar, I don’t have any problem.
It’s when I do “select to end of flow”/copy then paste that the problem occurs.


one more info just in case : I don’t use percussion staves in finale so all my imports are one regular staves

This is a bug that affects pasting of long passages that include multiple tuplets onto percussion staves. It’s on our list to be taken care of as soon as we’re able.