Copy/Paste issue in Midi Editor window

Just updated to the latest hotfix but still have a strange problem since last update that if I select a group of notes in midi editor window, copy and try to paste the notes elsewhere in the midi editor screen (in the same section) it seems the whole midi section is pasted at the end of the track rather than the notes being pasted to where I moved the playhead! Anyone else had that problem?


i can reproduce the following issue:

  • Import MIDI-track
  • Select several notes in the MIDI-track
  • Tap on the MIDI-track
  • Hit Copy
  • Hit Paste

In this case, there are still notes selected in the MIDI-editor but a MIDI-event is copied and pasted. Is this the issue that you experience?

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Thanks for the reply.

What you describe is similar but possibly not quite the same. Here is what I did:

I have a midi track consisting of several sections.
I double-click one section to open the midi editor.
I select a group of notes and then click Copy.
I then scroll to another part of the same midi section.
Move the playhead to where I want to paste the notes and click paste.
Instead of the midi notes I copied being pasted into the section, nothing appears to happen.
When I go back to look at the track view 2 unrelated sections have been pasted at the end of my song on more than one track!
It is possible that these 2 sections were ones I had copied previously but they appear at the end of the tracks and not where I had the playhead to paste the midi notes.

This has happened several times but not every time, so it makes it difficult to reproduce to order.


i would suggest that your issue is similar. If you paste an event while the playhead is positioned over an element, the new event is appended behind the existing elements and does not overwrite the existing elements. This is what you describe. However, if you are able to reproduce your issue or can provide more detail please let me know since it might be a bug that we are not aware of.

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Hello here,

I’ve noticed the same issue since i’m in 1.5 (maybe it last from 1.4 or 1.3, i dont know).

i copy some notes in an midi event,
I select another midi event, go to the key inspector and i move the playhead where i want the notes to be
i paste
The notes aren’t pasted at the playhead position but far behind the selected midi event (or simply disapear)

It wasn’t reacting like this before. Frieder, before, if there was other elements on the playhead, they were combined with the elements pasted. It was usefull for inserting a preexsiting drums fill in a drum loop for example

It’s possible to manage this by spliting the first event, paste it closer to the second one but not over it (so you’ll have to reduce or split it first) and then glue it each other, but that’s a lil’ bit longer than it was before.

hey guys,

we were able to reproduce that issue. Its already reported as a bug and will be fixed in one of the next updates…

Until than there’s a way to work around that issue if you select at least one note in the desitnated event you want to copy your notes in.

Step by Step - Copying Midi Notes into a different Event

  • open the key editor on a Midi-Event
  • select the notes you want to copy
  • go into another MidiEvent
  • set the Playhead to the desired position
  • select any note in the event
  • hit paste

–> and your notes will be pasted at the correct Playhead position
–> of course you can also copy notes within the same event with this little trick

Let us know if this works for you…

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Hi Ludwig and thank for the answer.

What is confusing is that it’s not happen all the time. Your little trick ll be usefull! Ill try it probably tonight.

I’ve also noticed that sometimes i 'm hearing some notes, i can even see it on the track midi event, but i can’t see it anymore (and i can’t edit it) once i’ve opened the key editor. That’s particuliarly the case since i’ve changed my usual drumkit (which were rock kit 1) into AMdrum kit 1 (my original midi event was created with the rock kit1). Probably something already reported.

Anyway, the AMdrum kit kill and sound more natural than the olders one. Great job!!

Hi there,

Ludwig, i’ve tried your trick yesterday and it works. It’s very easy to do, much more than my trick, so thank you.

I’take the opportunity to ask about the midi “not editable and not even visible but listenable” note in the key editor? it’s like if the scale is too short in the key editor, i can’t access these notes. Do you have it reported?

I have the same problem.
It looks like the key editor limits itself to the range of notes available in the loaded instrument. The previous drums had a much larger range of notes. The AM drums have a smaller range so any notes out of range can’t be seen/edited.

Can I just add that the key editor limiting is wrong also. The range of the AM drums is C1-D#2, D# is the ride, but the key editor only goes to D2 so if you’re using the kick and ride you have to scroll the window up and down to edit. Very irritating.

hey guys,

thanks alot for the additional bug reports.

Just like RobBr assumed, the key-editor scales itself to the range of the assigned instrument.
The Am Kits come with 16 samples, whereas all other Drum Kits contain 6 octaves of samples.
So once you change the instrument of your MIDI Track from one with more sample-presets to sth containing less samples, the previoulsy recorded notes might be out of the new range and are not being displayed.
Unfortunately they are truly being played back as samples bordering the new range, shifted in pitch.
To avoid this buggy behavior I suggest using one MIDI-track for each instrument.

The 2nd issue concerning the AM Kit piano-roll scale and its hidden note on either side is indeed really annoying.

We are aware of these bugs and will fix them as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Thanx again for taking these issues into consideration!

So, for the first issue, the best thing will be having the same number of preset for AM drum kit than for the standard drum kit (that would be great because this kit sounds good!!). Or, at least, using the original drum kit samples for the unused AM samples. Probably a lil complicate to manage i supposed.

Im ’ not sure to understand your trick : “To avoid this buggy behavior I suggest using one MIDI-track for each instrument”. To arrange this issue, i’m using two midi track, and move the event from the AM rock 1 track to a standard drum rock kit 1 track. Then i delete here the “ghost” midi notes (which become available with this midi track) and removed the event on the AM track. Perhaps this procedure is what you refer to?

I can manage things like that. More important would be to add one or two toms on the AM rock kit 1 (only two toms are available on this kit, that 's not enough for my taste).With your updates, i’m becoming more and more “hard to please”!!! :unamused:

Great job by the way!!