Copy paste low cut in mixer also pastes other pre settings?

I thought it would be nice an quick to copy / paste my low cut setting (pre rack) across multiple channels at once. However it seems that when I copy and paste, its pasting not only the low cut but ALL the settings on the entire pre module, which overwrites previous settings.

Is this a bug or a “feature?” Or maybe there is a setting I’m missing?


  1. Create two tracks (can be anything)
  2. Make changes to the pre section in one of the tracks (e.g. low cut & gain)
  3. Select just the low cut and copy it.
  4. Select the other track and paste

Result is it pastes both the low cut & gain (plus whatever else you have changed).


I can confirm this. If I select, and copy the High-Cut, then it works, as expected (until I copy the Low-Cut, or Gain). But the Low-Cut copies the whole Pre Rack.

It’s somehow unpredictable.

But to be honest, in general, I would expect the “Low-Cut behavior” (i.e. the whole Rack is copy-pasted). Because by the Copy function, you always copy the whole Rack in fact. For example with Inserts, you always copy all Inserts of the track, not the selected one.

So for be the High-Cut behavior is a bug, in fact.

Thank you again for your reply!

I personally hope they correct this behavior as it seems there is no way to just copy/paste the low cut filter to multiple channels, WITHOUT changing their gain structure?

Yes, it is not possible, same as it is not possible to copy/paste any single Insert effect, which is more critical, I would say.

True, but my work around for this is to option/drag from slot to slot. Not the greatest, but it works. Going to make this a feature request.