Copy/Paste MIDI Clips & Ripple Edits

Greetings! Just a couple of questions…

  1. When I copy/paste a MIDI clip from another track or project, Cubase “remembers” what instrument I used on my workstation (Korg Kronos) for that particular clip and defaults to that instrument, even if the track is set up with a different instrument. This may be a convenient feature in some cases, but how do I paste a MIDI clip as data only?

  2. Is there a way to perform a ripple edit in Cubase Pro 8? Maybe this kind of editing function is not possible in Cubase? Back in my video editing days, the ripple edit was a common function. Perhaps the audio world calls it something else?

Thank you!


  1. How exactly do you copy/paste a MIDI data? If I select one MIDI part (clip) use Cmd+C and Cmd+V, and paste it to the currently existing track, then it copies data only.

If I drag-and-drop the MIDI Part to the new track (empty space), the it takes the information about the Instrument (and sound) with.

  1. I’m afraid, there is no such a function, if you are talking about this (sorry, I don’t know video-terminology).