Copy/Paste Mixer odd behavior / bugs?

I thought it would be nice an quick to copy / paste my low cut setting (pre rack) across multiple channels at once. However it seems that when I copy and paste, its pasting not only the low cut but ALL the settings on the entire pre module, which overwrites previous settings.

Is this a bug or a “feature?” Or maybe there is a setting I’m missing?


  1. Create two tracks (can be anything)
  2. Make changes to the pre section in one of the tracks (e.g. low cut & gain)
  3. Select just the low cut and copy it.
  4. Select the other track and paste

Result is it pastes both the low cut & gain (plus whatever else you have changed). I’ve gotten conformation of the issue here, as well as other strangeness from ultra-user Martin.Jirsak

Bottom line - it doesn’t seem possible to just copy/paste a selected part of the mixer without it pasting the entire rack (i.e. I cannot copy/paste the low cut filter to multiple channels, WITHOUT changing their gain structure). So either this is a bug report or a feature request. Would also be nice to be able to copy / paste single parts of the mixer, bet it the low cut filter, pre-gain, single insert effects, etc.