Copy-Paste N-olets

Hi, I tried to copy and paste a melody with N-olets.
Copying my flute on violins.
Like you see, I always got different results but never what I want.

What can I do ?
(PS: I usually work on Finale)

Hi L,

First, when you copy and paste, you need to select the tuplet number as well. Since the tuplet is an independent element.

But also, you can select the eighth notes and invoke the tuplet after the fact, which is much easier.

Edit: to clarify: on the bottom staff, select the three eighths, and press the semicolon key. You’ll see “3:2” appear, which is the default (or you could change it in a difference scenario). Press enter, and voila! You will want to make sure Insert mode is on. To invoke that, press “I.”