Copy/paste or automate bar distribution?

In my marching band, my youngest usually are given parts which share exactly the same rhythm. They do not yet read music particurlarly well. In order to making it easy for us to talk about the music and for them to orient themselves, I ensure that there are just the same amount of bars in every system of these parts.
Can Dorico help me with some automation or something here?

I think this might be what you’re looking for: Layout Options > Staves and systems > Casting off > Fixed number of bars per system.

Thanks. No, not quite. For my youngest, the distribution needs sometimes to be rather weird in order to make it as easy as possible to read, see att. It is no big deal, of course, but I have four other parts that should share exactly the same bar distribution. I can do it manually, but it would not surprise me if Dorico had some shortcuts to provide.

Copy casting off from a part to other parts has been already asked for in the forum, and Daniel did not discard the idea IIRC. May be implemented in due course but not there yet, I’m afraid.

A new feature to propagate the formatting from one part layout to one or more others will be included in the forthcoming update.

Great news and what an update!!!