Copy/Paste or Duplicate text frames on the same page

Hi All!
I’m doing a songbook and I need to copy/duplicate text frames in two or three columns on the same page to add verses below the notes.

Do you have any plans to add this capability (something like Command+D for duplication).

I also don’t understand why the spacing but not the width and height fields are active when a frame is selected.

Thanks endlessly to the whole team for your continuous and great work!

We certainly want to make it easier to copy and paste frames in future, yes. It’s a bit of a fiddly process at the moment.

You can do it by selecting the frames you want to duplicate, then right-clicking on the same page in the Pages panel on the right-hand side and choosing Copy Selected Frames to Selected Pages. The pasted frames will be directly on top of the existing ones, so you’ll have a bit of fun trying to separate them.

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Here is the relevant page in the manual as well – the only caveat is you can’t copy frames to the same page when editing page templates, they can only copy frames left-to-right or vice versa.

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Thank you again Lillie and Daniel!
Best wishes from BG!

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