copy/paste percussion?

Hello, I’m working on a percussion quartet and when I try to copy/paste data, nothing happens.
Am I doing something wrong or is the copy/paste function not supported for percussion?
This is tremendously slowly down my work right now.

Hi, Florent.
Please use the search function.
This question is coming up about every three days…

For the avoidance of doubt, copy/paste of percussion doesn’t really work currently, it will be fixed in the next update though (see Daniel’s comment here).

In the current version, you should be able to use R on a selection to repeat percussion notes, if that helps a bit.

OK thanks for letting me know
glad to hear this is going to be fixed soon!

and the search function on this forum is terrible, I always get 0 results or links to topics that are not related to what I am looking for.
I find that google is doing a better job than the search function on this forum

That’s true unfortunately. I tend to use google directly quite often, with as a filter. Daniel also suggested something that’s better integrated into your browser if you can find the post.
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Stefan, you might want to double-check that link!

I might be jumping in without understanding but is not a link.
It is a google directive, so you would search in google for “copy paste percussion”.
This restricts googles results to

Stefan tried to link to here:
but managed to link to something quite different on a totally different website. Paul has helpfully redacted it both from Stefan’s message AND from my message, where I’d inadvertently quoted the link itself.

I’m not surprised that steve jumped in without understanding, as the posts above have changed somewhat in the past few minutes.

Always happy to jump in without understanding :wink:

Haha, oh dear. Well, Leo found the link that I attempted to show you.