Copy Paste selected barline to the last barline in system using Alt Click [eats] notes. Bug?

I want to change several barlines (last in the system) by alt+click (to duplicate double barlines from another place). But it eats the notes or even rests. If the grid is set to eight duration, then the last eight note/rest in the bar simply disappears.

But it works OK when I alt+click barline, which is not the last in the system.

Use Notation options>Barlines>Last barline. :wink:

MarcLarcher, sorry, but I don’t see such an option(
There is only Barline at the end of flow.

Look at the bar following the barline you’re trying to copy. Does it contain the number of beats you need in the destination bar? If not, don’t Alt-click this barline.

The bottom line is that non-standard barlines in Dorico are the same kind of object as time signatures. If the bar following a barline is of a weird length, that information is stored in the barline and will be transferred if the barline is copied and pasted.

No, Its all in 4/4.

In that case, are you definitely alt-clicking it to the correct spot? If it’s an eighth too far to the left or to the right, that would potentially mess up the bar either side of it.

It’s easy to replicate what I’m talking about:

  1. start a new project
  2. change a second barline to double or any other barline
  3. select it
  4. if we alt+click on third barline - all great
  5. but if we alt+click on the last bar in system - than we have eated notes/rests.

Yes, I tried different spots and the result is the same. Looks like the last barline in the system behaves differently.

Of course, I will use CTRL+C CRTL+V next time, but ALT+CLICK would be a little faster.

Yes, that’s it. Barline at the end of the flow. Isn’t that what you need? Or select the regular barline and shift-B, || (double pipe)

I need at the end of a system.

Ok, guys, thanks for the answers!
Just thought that the issue that I described is a BUG. But now I think it’s not. Looks like Dorico “thinks” that there are no bars after the system. That’s why it duplicates to the end of a previous bar.

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