Copy/paste strangely sensitive to settings

I’ve run into two issues on a recent project where copy/paste behavior was unexpectedly wrong. In both cases it turns out that notation/engraving settings I had turned on affected the behavior of the copy/paste, when the underlying music was the same.

Note that I am still on

I’m attaching links to workflows that reproduce the issue.

The first case involves copying tuplets. If I turn on the Engraving Option to suppress repeated tuplet brackets, then any tuplet where the bracket is suppressed is copy/pasted as if it were not a tuplet at all. I’ll post the second case in a second message on this thread.

The second issue has to do with overlapping noteheads. If I have the Notation Option turned on to allow half notes to overlap shorter notes, and then copy/paste bars where the overlap occurs, I lose the note that was overlapped.

Neither of these issues are dealbreakers, but they seemed related, and the behavior is definitely unexpected. I noticed at least the second one also reproduces if I select the bar and use ‘R’ instead of copy/paste to replicate it.

Seems this is meant to be a “feature” …
I was grumbling against it for a while
but with the new enhanced paste features I get along…

To summarise: Dorico only selects things that are visible. As such you can only copy and paste things that are visible. If a tuplet bracket is hidden, and the signpost isn’t visible, you can’t select it, so you can’t copy it. Same goes for overlapping noteheads. Interestingly, if you drag a marquee selection (that encompasses the stems of both voices) the overlapping notes get copied; at least in my (more recent) version of Dorico.

I could see that explanation, but if I click on the bar itself (clicking outside of any specific object), it should select everything in that bar. The fact that a marquee selection does catch the extra note is interesting.

The note itself is not drawn, so it is not selected.

I intellectually understand what you are saying, but feel it is very counterintuitive, especially in the second example where even if the notehead is not shown, the stem is, and so selecting the entire bar and replicating it feels like it is clearly missing something.

But it seems this has been argued before, so I won’t go to the mat on it. If you ever decide to re-evaluate this, count my vote against the current implementation, and in favor of including even items hidden by notation/engraving settings.

I have to admit to being with Giles on this. Even if not using normal Copy technique (Ctrl/Cmd-C) perhaps via an extended copy (Alt-Ctrl/Cmd-C) which copies everything in a bar or attached to a selection.

PS: What are these enhance paste functions that Tagaluche refers to? I’m on 2.1.20 and don’t see anything new…

Dear Beechside,
There are indeed some new functions since the thread he refers to. The “tuplefying” thing appeared in Dorico 2.1 and the paste into voice… and other duplicate to staff below/above (through context menu or Edit menu) in Dorico 2. You probably know them, but felt it could be useful to remind those for users who do not read the forum too often :wink: