Copy/Paste System Text?

Is there a setting to enable copy/paste of system-attached text when copying/pasting blocks of music, or is this simply not available? (If not, please consider this a feature request.)

If you make your selection using the system track, it’ll include system items like system text, tempo marks, time signatures, and global chord symbols.

Excellent and thank you, Lillie. (I searched the manual and forum with phrases such as “copy system text” and “copy system objects,” but no answer was returned.)

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So now a follow-up question: is it possible to copy/paste only system text, “dropping it on top of” music already entered elsewhere in a flow or project?

Yes of course: just select the system text, then copy, then paste. You could make a selection using the system track and then filter for text, for example. Or select one text item then select more.

You can Alt-click to immediately copy/paste any selected item to a new location.

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