Copy/Paste Time in Piano Roll

Hi Guys. New user here having just purchased Pro 8. I was previously using Ableton and S1.

Absolutely loving Cubase 8 and have manage to get a grasp of everything pretty fast. I have one thing that is annoying me though…

I’m trying to copy/paste/duplicate “Time” in the Piano Piano roll, I Have no problem doing this in the project window as there is a range selection tool but its not available for midi editing. I’ not sure its possible but in Ableton you highlight your selection and duplicate, this gives you a exact duplication with everything in the right grid position. With cubase im using CTRL+C/CTRL+D. this duplicates my selected notes but does not put them in the correct position on the next bar. I then have to move them forward into their correct position. Its a small niggle but im wondering if i’m missing something?