Copy/Paste track names as key command and others / Cubase scripting?

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Though I’m loving the new export features, I still have instances where I need to export a project and the easiest way to do it is to put things in folders and solo them.
This is mainly because with big projects with multi-timbral vsti’s and lots of midi channels, unless each midi channel relates to a separate output on the VSTI, things can get rather messy.

Yes, the preferred method would be to route things properly so you can batch export everything in one go, but I have older projects that weren’t set up like that and end up being a pita.

Anyhoo, a big help would be way to automate some of these processes, and some of that can be done with quick keys on the Mac for example.
But there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to copy track names, or paste them.
In my case, the regular command V paste doesn’t work when a track name is clicked, though the right click menu paste does work - the same with copy.

I hope down the line Cubendo will eventually contain some kind of script language, as with expanded PLE options it could be a very powerful way to automate many aspects of the program for particular workflows (without SB having to hardcode everything).

But for now, I kinda request copy/paste track names as a command, that copies that info to the system clipboard:)



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hi Joe - welcome to the forum

I’ve just added the ‘feature request’ tag to your post - it’s how we are keeping track of [FR] going forward :+1:

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Grand, thank you…hope this feature will get added in a future update…