Copy & paste VST Presets

When you click on the VST “cube” for presets, in addition to “Load preset, save preset, save as default preset” there should be the option for “Copy” and then you can open the same plugin /VSTi on another channel and “paste” the preset. Same with the insert channel strip as a whole, or anything else that uses the VST “cube.”

I use to do this all the time in Logic Pro and am actually shocked its not available for VST. Please add this simple capability as there are times when I simply want to copy & paste plugin / FX chain settings in a single project, and would rather not be forced to save it as a new preset or a whole FX chain preset (plus it takes longer to save and load new preset then it would to copy/paste). Yes I know you can option & drag plugins to adjacent tracks, but what happens when the track you want to use the same plugin settings in not an adjacent track? Thus the need for copy & paste functionality for VST presets.

Thank you for your consideration.

That would be nice.

Is that what you’re looking for?