Copy, pasting and moving tuplets in a series of tuplets problem


Maybe I missed something but it doesn’t seem possible to copy, paste or move tuplets in a series of other tuplets. This doesn’t’ work in the piano roll either. Here is an example with quintuplets where the following quintuplets are “destroyed” except when pasting it on the first quintuplet on the beat.
Everything works as expected with non tuplets. :face_with_monocle: ,that’s 4:4 quadruplets :-).

Any help would be appreciated and this kint of feature would be amazing for an already amazing software.

Although Dorico does its best to handle tuplets as flexibly as possible, if you try to paste a tuplet across another tuplet boundary, it’s not clever enough to work out where to split the tuplet into two smaller tuplets that can be pasted inside the existing tuplets. In other words, nested tuplets do really have to nest: a tuplet nested inside one tuplet cannot end outside its parent. So if you try to paste a longer tuplet into a shorter one, Dorico would have to be able to split that longer tuplet into two (or potentially more) shorter ones to fit inside the destination parent tuplets.

This is unlikely to be something we’re able to devote any significant time to in the near future, so you’ll need to work within the capabilities that Dorico provides in this area for now.

Hello Daniel, thanks a lot for your reply. I’d like to shift phrases no nest them. I made some further tests and I might have found a workaround in the piano roll. Copy paste destroys the quintuplets but moving the selected quintuplets on the third quintuplet in bar 2, then deleting works (moving to the second quintuplet is not permitted by the grid though).

The reason I think this would be a game changer function is because I’m studying Applications of Karnatic (South-Indian) Rhythm to Western Music at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and working on long complex polyrhythmic phrases inside different cycles is common (with far reaching implications for score editing in and composing in contemporary music and jazz).