Copy/pasting sections - post your tips

Hi all-

Something I’ve never been able to get right (after using Cubase about 17 years!) is how to handle structural changes in large projects.

Example: an editor / producer/ whatever / says “we need another 12 seconds at section x.” I figure this is about 8 bars, so I decide I will just:

–Select the range (8 bars) where the new material will go using the range tool
–Range --> Insert Silence
–Copy the material from 8 bars previously and paste it into the new gap. Now we have a piece that is 8 bars longer in the middle.

Problem is, this creates about 20 minutes worth of pain in projects with a high track count (e.g. orchestral stuff). Because: Any time you copy a MIDI range in Cubase, it brings not only the range you copied, but all the “hidden” MIDI events that existed on either side of the selection boundaries. And more perplexingly, notes that hold past the event boundaries will be audible even though they are outside the event handles.

Try it: hold a note for 2 bars. Move the event handle in one bar. You still have a note that holds 2 bars, because it is still “there” under the event handle, and even though you moved the event handle, Cubase thinks you still want to hear it.

Lol, no I don’t.

This becomes a nightmare when doing a large copy/paste operation across multiple tracks, especially if the paste abuts other parts - you get nonsense note collisions and it takes literally 20 minutes to go track-by-track and find the offenders.

The only solution I know of: copy a massive range (longer than you actually need), paste it somewhere random, turn on “Split MIDI Events” in the preferences, CUT the range down using the Cut tool, and then paste the result where you want it.

Does anyone know an easier way to cut/paste selection ranges so it only brings the actual selection?

Any suggestions appreciated :sunglasses:


Did you try an Arranger track? You could set the whole song as an Arranfer Event A and jen the section, you want to Paste, as an Arranger Event B. Then in the Arranger Editor, you can define the order of your events (i.e. A then B in this case). And then you can flattern it to the new project.

Thanks Martin! Just tried this - it does indeed copy only the portions you want without overhang, which is appreciated.

It’s a little clumsy for inserting parts in the middle of other sections, as you have to create an arrange chain which plays the song through to a point, then goes back and picks up (only) the section you want to repeat, then skips ahead to continue playback of the rest of the piece. It’s 3 chains altogether, and you have to create a new project.

BUT it prevents the editing nightmares…so for now it’s a workaround - thanks!

Very good tip, I always struggle with that too… THANKS.