Copy Path from Mediabay

There is no way to copy a path from media bay, is there?

Oh, yeah, well, I can “search for path” and then copy it from the search bar because why have decent software when there’s already a shitty way of doing things.

The main reason why I don’t rant all the time on here is because of working with cubase and native instruments plugins and I’m constantly reminded that there’s way shittier ways of doing things than the cubase way.

If you right-click and copy a preset, the path is in the clipboard, but you need a way to paste only the text, and not the actual file.

In Windows 11 you can use the built in clipboard utility, or various 3rd party tools are available, like ditto

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You mean the XML-Descriptor? Yes, thanks. There’s the path in it and I can get it out of it with a text editor or another tool, but this is the kind of workaround I expect not to need in a 600$ software if I want to copy a path to the clipboard.

As a big fan of AutoHotKey, I use this bind for all applications to paste clipboard without formatting using CTRL + SHIFT +V

	ClipSaved := ClipboardAll
	ClipBoard = %ClipBoard%
	Send ^v
	Sleep 100  
	ClipBoard = %ClipSaved%

While I mostly use it to paste raw text (text without any formatting), it also pastes the path to a file if you copy one from the file explorer. I have not tried it with the audio pool but would be surprised if it worked any different.