Copy protection device


is it impossible to make copy protection device fit in sd slot?

I’m asking this because I have to make music on my laptop often lately and CB is not an option because of this annoying device that can brake in a heartbeat. The one I own is allready fixed with electrical tape :open_mouth:
Another thing is that using usb stick in a public transport for example may brake laptop’s usb ports. Make it unbreakable at least… Pretty please :unamused:

Hi !

Have you tried using a USB extension cable ? This way, you can have the dongle not sticking out.

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have. But the problem still stays. The case of USB licenser is too fragile.

I have had a look at the USB-eLicenser number and it could be that you still have one of the older and thinner USB-eLicensers. The older ones are around 8 mm thick, the new ones around 1 cm. So it might be an option to buy a new empty USB-eLicenser and transfer the licenses before the old one falls apart completely.

You can always build a small wooden or metal protective case for dongle. Make it big enough to house the dongle and connector of the USB extension cable and only leave a small hole for the cable. If you want to be extreamly safe, make it a bit larger than required and fill it with some high-density foam.