Copy RACK instr. event with automation to TRACK instr??

I’m suffering this same issue in Cubase 8.5 and Cubase 9.5 Pro…

I want to copy a RACK instrument event with a fair bit of automation (see picture below) to a new TRACK instrument of the same vsti plugin:

Neither drag’n’drop copying nor duplicating the event copies the automation across… so obviously rack instrument automation does not follow the event to a track instrument. I can manually copy each CC’s data, go through the CC dialogue box, match up the CC# and paste the data on the track event - but is there a way to tell Cubase to associate the automation from a RACK instrument event with the same event copied to a TRACK instrument lane OR copy all the automation across at the same time?

This has been driving me insane :cry: ! Please any advice or assistance will be thoroughly appreciated!

So no one knows how to copy an event with automation from a rack instrument track to a track instrument?

When I have to copy over several tracks of automation, I create the lanes in the new track in the exact same order (easiest is usually enabling write automation and wiggling a parameter for each lane). Then I use range tool and select all the automation to copy and hold down alt and drag it to the new lanes.

Thanks so much for this suggestion! I have had no luck finding any other advice on this.
Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could just right click on a rack instrument track, select ‘Copy All Automation’ and then simply paste it onto a track instrument track… that it would automatically attached the data to the CC# etc.
I will give the range tool a go and see if it works thanks so much :smiley:

I know this post is old, but did you ever solve this issue? I’m still having it with Cubase 10.5. It’s super annoying. Even if I want to duplicate an EQ plugin that has automation on it, it won’t work.