Copy specific notes from a midi-track

Thanks to the users that has “answered” in this thread and destroyed it.

No need to post the same quetion again and again

Stick to one thread.

I made a new post because you destroyed the other post with your nonsense answer. Now I see that you’re on your rampage to destroy this post too. If you don’t have an answer to my problem, then stay away from my post.

I did not destroy your post (how does one do that anyway…?) I tried to clarify what the problem is, since it seems, you even are to lazy to look up the correct terminology…

Since we´re in an open forum, you´ll have to leave the decision to me…

Solution: Using Logical Editor - Help? - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

It’s funny how your question was answered with “2 words” but certain post number seekers looking down their holier than thou noses actually took a whole page of a thread to crack the whip when the question was answered in “2 words!”
Cracks me the flock up!
I guess the less technical people have to assume that since there’s a manual, there is no need for a forum. Why is there a forum? Oh that’s right, some people don’t have a person or pet at home to beat on. I don’t know how one expects a good attitude from an OP when one wasn’t given in the answering posts. I would have done what Sven80 did too!

I’ve helped a lot of users here on this forum and yes, some questions are repeats and some were posed by less than knowledgeable beginners but I always remember when I was a beginner. Sometimes the manual didn’t have answers for specific circumstances and I was happy to meet the helping users that understood that. For this, I am glad to give something back and it doesn’t break my freaking a&& to do so.
Now tell me about “1” person here that came out of the womb knowing all this Cubase technology! Now tell me they have never asked a simple question before. We all started somewhere and there were people to help. Nobody here is totally self sufficient. Remember where “your” earlier help came from without a freakin’ ring of fire!

For me, and possible for others as well, the problem is a “fear” of the manual, of not understanding it and the overwhelming amount of information that’s in it.
Many times I’ve read the Cubase-manual (and other manuals), but didn’t get any wiser, so I have a “fear” of not understanding it. Creativity lies in making melodies and song-texts, but I’m not that good when it comes to reading manuals. I had this problem in school also, but had no problems learning when doing experiments instead of using textbooks.

In this case I was not even sure where in the manual to look, and wouldn’t have guessed that the solution was in the “dissolve parts” section of the manual, (I didn’t have to read the manual, remembered - after Split’s answer - seeing the “dissolve parts” function many times, but newer knew what it was for until now).

I’ve seen others as well on getting the “read the manual”-answer, and sometimes it’s said in a somewhat “hostile” way with lots of “!!!”. It’s not cool, and it’s really destructive.

I hope someday to be able to answer other Cubase-newbies questions, give back to the community. If I ever get the urge to tell people to read the manual, I’ll take a forum break or something.

Another thing: When people google their Cubase-problems they might stumble upon forum-posts where others had the same problem. It’s not very informative that the solution is in the manual - everyone knows that. If one must answer “read the manual”, then at least say something about where in the manual:-)


Dissolve manual…

I like this guy Split! He’s a 2 word answer mo fo! lol