Copy Staff Spacing & Page Number Change query

Hi gang,

After I make a page number change, is there a simple way that I can figure out what a particular page from any flow is out of the project?


  • Flow 1 has 50 pages
  • flow 2 has 50 pages (with a page number change at beginning)
  • I want to copy staffing from a page in flow 1 to page 25 of flow 2 (which is actually page 75 of the project)

This is an exaggerated example but at the moment I’m counting the pages of the project to figure out a particular page in a new flow, after a page number change… I sound like an idiot

Instead of a page number change, would using the {@pageNumberWithinFlow@} token on your Page Templates (either temporarily or permanently) make your navigation easier?

There are probably things we can do to help make this easier – I’ll have a think about it.

I think the same problem will occur. If I want to copy from Page 1/Flow 1 to Page 6/Flow 12, I still need to know which page of the project the Pg6 is.

The only way I can think of (which I just thought of) would be to leave any page number changing until the very last minute of the engraving process.

I think Derrek’s point is if you use a different token for page numbers within the Default page template, the page number that appears in the layout will reset to 1 at the start of each flow without page number changes in the right panel in Engrave mode; that will (or should, I think) display a continuous sequence of numbers for pages.

Will give it a go once I’ve had a coffee!