Copy Staff Spacing Question

Maybe I am missing something here, but I am having trouble getting “Copy Staff Spacing” to work.

Below is an image of what I am working on.

I would like for the both pages to have 0.8" between the staves/systems. As you can see, that is on page 1 by default, and page 2 defaults to 0.6". (That confuses me as well).

I open the copy staff spacing dialogue, and get this screen:

I select the page to copy from, then I set the start page and end page of where to copy. In this case it happens to be the same page, since I do not want Etude 16 to take on the new spacing.

When I click OK/Apply/Whatever, nothing happens.

I have to go in and edit them manually. Which here isn’t a big deal, I had to move 2 systems. But for larger works, I am not sure what or how this is supposed to work. Am I missing something? I have tried it by selecting the systems on the page I am copying from. I have tried with out selecting the systems on the page I am copying from.


AFAIK, Copy Staff Spacing only works when you have the same number of systems on both pages.

Which is how it works in Sibelius - I had not tried it in Dorico, but it makes sense, kind of.

Gotcha… I wouldn’t have guessed that was what it would do. In hindsight it makes sense.