Copy Staff spacing

Does the Copy Staff spacing only work on the full score?

I tried this feature on one of my parts and had no success.

Any thoughts on this would be welcomed. I have a large job formatting 60 players and any help with workflow would be very welcomed.

Thank you!


Copy Staff Spacing works for manual changes you’ve made (that is, using the staff spacing tool in Engrave mode and moving individual staves/systems up or down). If you’ve not made any manual changes, nothing can be copied.

If you want to copy the formatting of parts - where system breaks/page breaks are, the vertical spacing settings etc - you can instead propagate part formatting. For formatting parts, I’d also recommend looking at the vertical spacing and casting off options available, in order to get the parts pretty close to good, with as minimal manual tweaking, as possible.

It’s also necessary that the facing pages have the same number of systems, otherwise any spacing adjustments you make cannot be applied. However, if you’re finding yourself dragging staves around in parts a lot, you’re almost certainly doing something in a less-than-ideal fashion. John recently went into vertical spacing in some depth in Discover Dorico. You might find taking a breath and watching that for half an hour or so will save you many hours of manual adjustment in the future. Find it here.

Thank you, Daniel and Lille.

This is all very helpful indeed.
I will definitely check out John’s video for sure. Thank you for providing the links.

Much appreciated.