Copy time of "Audio Information at Mouse Cursor" time bar

Re: the time bar that’s called (when you hover the mouse over it) “Audio information at mouse cursor + function trigger.”

In Wavelab 7, left-clicking on this bar would bring up the actual time where the cursor is currently positioned. You could ctrl-c to copy the time information. This was extremely helpful in order to find the same location in a safety copy of the file by then pasting that info on the safety copy.

In Wavelab 8, left-clicking on this bar still brings up the editable time, but instead of showing the actual cursor position time, it shows a different time in the file. It looks as though you can still ctrl-c it, but it’s not showing the time that it shows right before you left-click it.

I just want to be able to copy the time info of where my cursor currently rests and then paste it into a safety copy of the file to find that spot. Please advise.

Wavelab 8.0.1
Windows 7

This is fixed in 8.0.2