Copy to measure, beats, bar

Does anyone know if you are able to drag/copy events to a defined location? i.e. I have a wav Kick drum on the 1 and I want to copy it out to every beat by dragging. Right now it copies out when I drag but the next event starts immediately after the previous one. I want blank space between them. Same thing with my 16th hi-hats. I would like to be able to place one, then drag them out to every 16th line.
I hope this makes sense.
Right now I am alt-copying over and over and over.


Yeah it will only duplicate immediately after the note. What I do is create a dummy note so the end of that dummy note is at the grid position you want it duplicated to. Then delete the dummy notes.

Anyone? I want to be able to drag out copies of events and have those copies snap to grid settings. Right now the copies snap to the tail of the previous clip, event, audio one-shot. i.e. I want to copy kicks onto every 1/4 beat without having to hold alt and copy one at a time and place them manually.

Thanks for any help.

set the grid type to beats and press 2 to select the range tool it will let you select the kick and empty space to copy with ctrl+d

I am not sure if this works with dragging to copy I don’t really use that